Sintex Multipurpose Tray – TR

Unique Feature :

  • One Piece Moulded
  • Made from superior grade of polyethylene.
  • Strong and durable to render long term service.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean & Wash
  • Nestable type to save space
  • Available in different colours

Application :

  • Airport security checking for soft articles and laptops.
  • Hospitals for handling surgical equipment and medicines.
  • In Blood bank for transportation of blood bags.
  • Useful to all of offices.
  • At provision store
  • Best to handle Tools and handy equipment in automobile service centre.
  • To handle samples in Laboratories and in R&D Centre.
  • To handle food products and cutlery in Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers.
  • Best for storage and handling application

Catalogue – TR